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During your initial FREE consultation, our tax consultants complete a detailed financial interview with you to determine if an OIC can be pursued. Once you have been assigned a tax attorney, they will perform a comprehensive review of your case to confirm that your account is in compliance with the IRS. After an OIC is filed, your tax attorney will work to negotiate with the IRS on your behalf.

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940/941 Taxes

Employers are responsible for withholding several types of payroll taxes (often referred to as 940, 941 or 944 taxes) from employees. These withholdings include federal income tax, Social Security tax, and Medicare tax. Businesses are also required to match the Social Security and Medicare portion of these taxes. Unpaid payroll taxes can result in fines and even business asset seizures (like equipment, automobiles, bank accounts and accounts receivables).


Immediate Results and Relief

With unfiled tax returns or an outstanding balance owed to the IRS, you are in danger of a wage garnishment. A wage garnishment is a very powerful tool used to collect taxes owed through your employer.  Through this process, each time you are to be paid, regardless of the source, the IRS can levy these wages and collect your money before you do. 

Form 668 (W) is used to levy an individual’s wages, salary, or income that is owed to the taxpayer as the result of personal services in a work relationship. A levy can be served by the IRS either by in person, by mail, or even by fax to the person who is to pay you, and you may not be served notice until it is too late.  Therefore, keep an eye out for the “Final Notice of Intent to Levy” letter from the IRS, as this will let you know that collection action WILL HAPPEN within 30 days

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